Who is a Power Teacher

A Power Teacher is a teacher who provides a quality education for their students. Power Teachers’ students learn and achieve at least minimum competencies required for their grade.

Person looking at the camera with potential to be a Power Teacher

A power teacher is in class teaching every day and feels supported to teach all his/her classes in a way that enables students to develop, in particular, numeracy, literacy and 21st century life skills.

A power teacher and a power head teacher use practices that are proven to work in their “classroots” realities, i.e. poor school environments.

POWER Teachers are learning outcome focused – PowER means Powerful Educators for Results. Power Teachers focus on the 4Ps – Presence, Preparation, Pedagogy, and Performance.

We work with Ministeries of Education and all teachers to support their own transformation into Power Teachers. When we work with teachers, we work out an agreement in which teacher responsibilities and learning outcome targets are clarified, in return for which motivational incentives are provided. We work with teachers and their organisations and unions to advocate for what will enable them to be power teachers and to bring about learning. We want to reclaim the former high status profession that teaching used to be, when teachers were supported to do a great job and their work acknowledged and valued and appreciated by all. We want to create a powerful movement of Power Teachers who demonstrate their power through improving learning.

Please request if interested in learning more about and supporting the development of Power Teachers.