Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is designed to provide a roadmap for the future.  For Power Teachers Africa, this, our first strategic plan, is the beginning of our future and guides our initial steps. It is an ambitious launch of Power Teachers Africa and what we stand for.  It represents our beliefs, our values, our mission and what we want to achieve.  It provides a clear and compelling vision.

The process that produced this strategic plan 2020-2022 took place over the last six months of 2019.   The plan was developed from an evidence base of latest relevant international research, as well as experience and expertise of the Board of Directors and the CEO and inputs from relevant stakeholders. These include ministry of education personnel, teachers, teacher educators, academics and educational development professionals, many of whom are current or former colleagues of board members and the CEO.  

The context and issues this plan seeks to address are presented in the About Us sections, in particular, the ‘Why Power Teachers Africa’ section.

Our strategic plan goals are based on Power Teachers’ Africa’s six goals and include:

  1. Raise awareness of Power Teachers Africa and #teachersarethekey
  2. Build effective strategic relationships and networks
  3. Realise support to implement our “not business-as-usual” solutions to addressing the global learning crisis
  4. Ensuring organizational excellence
  5. Explore Power Teachers Africa self-financing options

The plan sets out, for each goal, the rationale, what we will do to realise it, and our planned results.  Further details on this are included in our Business Plan 2020-2022. 

Power Teachers Africa’s Board of Directors, Chairperson, Dr. Rosarii Griffin, says “I look forward to supporting the board of directors in guiding the implementation of this strategic plan, which seeks to initiate Power Teachers’ Africa’s work required to achieve our goals, and supporting the development of Power Teachers Africa into a strong, vibrant and forward-looking organization”.

Download a copy of Power Teachers Africa’s Strategic Plan 2020-2022 here