The Board of Directors is responsible for providing oversight of Power Teachers Africa (Power Teachers Africa), in particular strategic direction, governance and finance, adherence to charity regulation and reporting, development and adherence to Power Teachers Africa’s policies and procedures, monitoring performance, and reviewing and ensuring management proposals are actioned. The CEO provides the day-to-day management of Power Teachers Africa and reports to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Power Teachers Africa is an experience and skills-based Board. All members have experience in working with teachers in Africa as well as a variety of skills required to most effectively guide Power Teachers Africa. The board is elected every three years at the Annual General meeting. The maximum number of Board members is 12. To ensure good board renewal, after the first three years, each year one third of the directors shall retire by rotation. The maximum term limit for any director is nine years.

The Board of Directors is accountable to:

  • Our funders, to ensure that funds donated are used effectively in pursuit of the Power Teacher Africa’s objectives.
  • Our programme beneficiaries, by ensuring the
    design and implementation of effective programmes that make a real difference in the countries where we operate.
  • The governments of the countries where we operate, by ensuring that we comply with all relevant requirements.
  • Our staff, for their development, welfare and safety.

Power Teachers Africa is fully compliant with the Irish Charity Regulators’ code of conduct 2018: (Charities Regulator Ireland).